What our people say

81% of employees say that they do "interesting and challenging work"

87% of our employees say that they have a "good working relationship with their manager"

87% of our employee are "committed to the organisational goals"

Through our employee engagement survey we ensure we gain valuable feedback from our employees about how they feel about working here. Below is a snapshot of our latest survey results:

Being committed to fairness and transparancy

This year we achieved an 8% improvement on how well the organisation respects its employees and an 11% increase in employees telling us that they feel able to voice ideas and opinions.  In relation to equality and diversity 77% of employees say that the organisaion is committed to equal opportunities.

Delivering best practise people management

In terms of our people management, 87% of our employees have a good working relationship with their manager and 76% of employees feel that their manager sets clear direction as well as 79% of employees say that they feel supported by their manager